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Just elected "winemaker of the year" of the very popular RVF 2019 Grand Prix, Dominique Hauvette is a separate winemaker who "rages". Her estate is the only one in Provence (with Tempier in Bandol) to obtain the maximum score of 3 * / 3 in the RVF 2020 Guide. Her biodynamic wines, distributed drop by drop, deserves (and must be decanted!). Roucas red is fresh and on the fruit for an extraordinary tasting from its youth, Carnelian, a great wine for aging, is richer and more complex. White Dolia has an impressive exuberance and length. Pétra rosé is to be tasted like a great white wine. "Superb, lively and vibrant wines" (B + D 2020) To the wines

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